Father to son potato farmers in Normandy since 1924

Potato farmer Domaine des Cartoufles has dedicated itself to ensuring the production, promotion and commercialisation of potatoes to its customers for nearly a century.


We are situated at the heart of Seine-Maritime, in Fresnay-le-long, near Tôtes.

From left to right: Romain, Joël and Claudine Faict

Domaine des Cartoufles is a commercial brand created by Joël Faict, a farmer, in 2003.

This brand symbolises our activity, with Cartoufle being the ancient word for potato. 


Located at the heart of Seine-Maritime, in the natural region of Pays de Caux and only a few kilometres from Pays de Bray, we use loam soil - ideal for cultivating potatoes.

On our farm, we also produce wheat, horse beans and flax, a regional speciality.


We produce approximately ten varieties of potatoes and specialise in the cultivation of waxy varieties such as the Charlotte, Franceline and Allians.


Today we produce around 2,000 tonnes of potatoes on our farm which is then distributed to supermarkets, wholesalers, restaurateurs and packers.


We offer our quality products year-round, adapted to the needs of each customer thanks to our large range of produce.



Domaine des Cartoufles
624 rue des Frenes
76850 Fresnay le Long



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