Our Varieties

We have been growing potatoes in our family for nearly 90 years.

History has taught us that each variety goes well with one dish or another.

This is why there are more than 300 varieties grown throughout the world; waxy, starchy, all-purpose, etc.


We offer our customers a complete range of washed potatoes in bags from 1kg to 10kg, to sauté, steam, use in a salad or make gratin, raclette, mash and chips with.

We also offer loose potatoes (12.5kg box, washed)


For you, we have selected ten varieties to use when cooking your favourite meals. Discover:

Our waxy varieties

Specialising in the production of waxy potatoes, we cultivate five types:

- Charlotte

- Annabelle

- Pompadour

- Allians

- Franceline

The Charlotte:

One of the most well-known waxy potato varieties in France, the Charlotte made a reputation for itself for its taste and finesse.

Ideal in a salad or even sautéed in the frying pan. 

The Annabelle:

This young Dutch variety has developed over the years thanks to its taste but also its skin, which is lighter than that of the Charlotte.


Ideal for boiling, we recommend trying a potato raclette.


The Allians:

A waxy variety with yellow skin, in terms of taste it proves to be one of the best in this category, beating the Charlotte and the Annabelle. Characterised by a darker skin, it falls between the Charlotte and the Pompadour.


The Normandy Pompadour:

Amongst our waxy varieties that we have selected for your tasting pleasure, this is the most delicious for its firmness and excellent buttery taste.


With its rather elongated shape it is sometimes slightly misshapen which only adds to its charm. It is characterised for having a very dark skin.


Like the Franceline, the Allians and the Nazca, the Pompadour was created at the Comité Nord Station in Bretteville-du-Grand-Caux in Seine-Maritime. It forms part of our range of typical Normandy potatoes.


For more information about the Comité Nord, a potato variety research station, click here.


The Franceline:

This very well-known variety, characterised by its red skin, is slightly firmer than the Charlotte. Excellent for making boiled potatoes, in a pan or even in the oven, we recommend turning it into a gratin.


Variety registered in 1993, it was created as the Pompadour at the Comité Nord in Bretteville-du-Grand-Caux.


Our all-purpose potato varieties

We also produce all-purpose varieties, which are delicious fried, mashed or even popped in the oven:

- Everest

- Spirit

- Nazca

- Krone

- Dali

- Melody

The Everest:

The chip variety, we grow the Everest as an early potato. In relation to our other all-purpose varieties, it grows much faster to reach its class. This allows us to sell them from 25 July and throughout the summer months.

The Spirit:

Great for frying, the Spirit has the advantage of making yellow chips and is interesting for us because it is resistant to dryness.


Over the months, its skin fades forcing us to only sell it, unwashed, in February.

It proves to be one of the most preferred varieties with our restaurateurs throughout the seasons thanks to its delicious taste.



The Nazca:

The variety used in our “Chips” bag, it is proven to be very good. We also selected it because it preserves well.


Moreover, it was created at the Comité Nord Station in Bretteville-du-Grand-Caux in Seine-Maritime. For more information, click here.



The Krone:

Very popular in Germany for its yellow skin and its frying abilities, it is proven to be robust and resistant to potato scab and dryness, essential features for effective potato growing in Seine-Maritime.

The Dali:

Less productive than other all-purpose varieties, the Dali has the advantage of being more resistant to common scab.


Ideal for making soups.




The Melody:

The Melody is ideal for making broths and soups. It is also resistant to dryness, an essential feature for effective potato growing in Seine-Maritime.






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