Quality and The Environment

Anxious to produce sustainable agriculture, we have taken several quality measures:


     - We are NF V 25-111 certified, which attests that we follow good production practices.


     - ISO 14001 standard certifies that our farm is committed to a continuously improving environmental management process.


     - Finally, we are Gourmandie certified.


Here we look at quality in two parts: product quality and environmental quality:


Since July 2013, we have been Gourmandie certified.

This logo guarantees the origin of the product, i.e. that the potatoes you buy have been produced in Normandy.

To get this label, our potatoes were tried and tested by around one hundred consumers in a specialised lab. Each judge gave their personal opinion and a mark for each variety.


For more information about Gourmandie, click here.


Anxious to produce sustainable agriculture, we have taken several quality measures: NF V 25-111, ISO 14001 and Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming:

"These are the methods of production which are used by the farm for its operating purposes in a global approach, technical means and farming practices in accordance with the requirements of the sustainable farming reference system"


The 103 national requirements mainly concern:


- the implementation of a registration system and the monitoring of operations carried out and products used for cultivation and animal needs


- the control of agricultural inputs as well as effluents and waste products resulting from operations


- the balance of crop fertilisation


- the establishment of cultural practices to preserve the soil and limit the risks of pollution


- the contribution of processes to the protection of landscapes and biodiversity






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